US Ambassador David Hale Appointed To Handle Blackmail

The newly appointed US ambassador to Pakistan, Mr. David Hale, joins his office in Islamabad only to realise the gravity of this posting.  Customarily the state of Pakistan is supposed to throw a dinner party in his honour where all the dignitaries will be present followed with a working lunch with the Pakistan PM, foreign, interior & defence ministers along-with the chief of armed forces.  Such introductory dinners & lunches give an opportunity to the new incumbent to forge relations with people s/he will be working with during their tenure.  However, today the pleasantries have been kept aside and the Pakistan foreign minister, Mr. Sartaj Aziz, was already present when David arrived at the embassy at Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad.  With all seriousness Sartaj urge David to join him for an emergency meeting with Nawaz Sharif – Sartaj’s request has been earnest & sincere, David seemed to turn to his chief of staff who only acknowledge complying.

While on his way he asks Sartaj for the background to which he is politely requested to be patient.  In the meanwhile, his chief of staff informs the state department of this development who agree to wait and watch the situation unfold.

The PM’s office has been moderately decorated and to David’s surprise the PM’s close aids and the army chief were already present.  David is requested to join the meeting alone without any aids.  Having been briefed by the state department on all possible expected scenarios before his departure, he consented to the ‘only him’ meeting.  Nawaz enters the room and openly welcome David with a strong hand-shake, introduces formally his team, offers him a seat with some tea.  David instead takes a sip of water from the bottle he has been carrying.

Gen Raheel Sharif, the army chief, began by giving a general brief about the situation in Pak, Af-Pak region, Pak-Indo relations, Middle-East & the South Asia.  David is still thinking hard as so far he hasn’t got any hint to the purpose of this trip and it didn’t seem to be a ‘working lunch’ at all!  And then the unthinkable is spoken of – two of the strategic nuclear brigade commands – one at Sargodha (47 Artillery Brigade) & the other at Chagai Hills near Ras Koh weapons testing lab, are now under the command of terrorists.

David recalls the speech by President Barack Obama given at an international nuclear-security meeting,” The single biggest threat to U.S. security, both short term, medium term, and long term, would be the possibility of a terrorist organisation obtaining a nuclear weapon,”

He looks at the faces of the men in the room including Nawaz Shariff’s and find that it was a matter of business as usual for them.  He is solemnly informed of the following demands made by the terrorists –

  • US must release all the money it agreed to Pakistan towards ‘fight against terrorism’ – Pakistan is unable to fight without the funds.  Why the money has been put on hold?
  • US must return Osama Bin Laden’s dead body on humanitarian ground
  • The world must recognise Pakistan as a nuclear state and make it a permanent member of UNSC
  • Al-qaeda and similar terrorist orgs to be taken off the sanctions list and re-designate as social & charitable orgs
  • US and world must sign nuclear deal with Pakistan
  • India must hand over J&K to Pakistan
  • Azaad Kashmir must be recognised as part of Pakistan so Pakistan then can openly rule the state and J&K.
  • Afghanistan must hand over its territory to Pakistan to allow Pakistan realise its ‘strategic Depth’ policy
  • US coalition to withdraw from Syria and Iraq and cease fighting with ISIS.  This will then allow peaceful implementation of ISIS Khillafat across Middle East and Pakistan

Ha ha ha …. Now the above is only a parody and fiction.  So take it easy.

However, given the scenarios being show-cased in the American Tele Series ‘Homeland Security’ on Pakistan and the recent publication in ‘Long War Journal’, it won’t be difficult to visualise that Pakistan can collaborate with Terrorists to make small, mid and long term gains and that for their politicians & armed forces peace and humanity don’t matter a dime.

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